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I’m forced to look at myself in the mirror as I cry  A fear I’ve never felt before I’m forced to remind myself This is isn’t  where you want to be Learn to love yourself Before your doubts and insecurities kill you 

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Do You Know How It Feels To Be Forgotten ?

Do you know how it feels to be forgotten ? How it feels to know while I was thinking of you  You weren’t thinking of me  Do you know how it feels to be unwanted ?  I’ve been left before  For someone half as great Suppose I’m just blind to my flaws Knowing you deserve… Continue reading Do You Know How It Feels To Be Forgotten ?

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Cry For Young Girls

I’m just a twenty something  Yet I don’t know any better There’re people out there Crying for young girls  Young girls like me Praying for me Even though I didn’t ask them too  But I don’t mine I’m working on giving up my vices Boys and alcohol I’m working on keeping my promises How people… Continue reading Cry For Young Girls

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It’s too painful It’s too much And nobody knows And nobody cares No one sees And no one acknowledges Everyone ignores And looks the other way But what’s your excuse gonna be When you see it’s too late