Thank Me

It was all completely selfish
My love for you
So for each smile
Each happy moment
You can thank me
Because whatever you may have with her
Couldn’t possibly compare

In Order to Stay Strong

How I wish
I wasn’t made of glass
Easyly broken
I wanted to believe
I wasn’t a coward
I really thought
I could
I would tell myself
I could
Just one more day
You can do this
Just a few more hours
You can do this
I can be brave
I can be bold
I can be strong
But I cant
Not everyday
And I’m just now learning
That’s ok


Dear my sweet Montgomery,

I wish I could tell you all the things you want to hear.
Like it will all be ok.
Things will get better.
But in fact it may not and that’s ok.
There is a lesson to be learned.
Moments we need to experience.
And it will make you stronger.
And it will make you grateful.
Stay strong my love.
Your moment is coming.

After Hours

It’s ok
It’ll be our little secret
No one has to know
The ways I touch you
That you secretly love
The things that I say to you
It’s not a malicious act
She doesn’t know
Would she even mind
You said you weren’t happy
I know it’s been a while
She doesn’t love you like I do
And I think that works for us both


Does inspiration come from the bottle
The desperate artist will tell you so
They will tell you that it isn’t pure
Real art comes from pain
The struggle
Its raw
But there is beauty in it
It can be flawed and dark
But theres love in words
Love in the acrylic used to paint a crying face
Love in the lyrics
You cant know pain
Without knowing love


It drips rusted water
And constant
It might be poison
There’s disease in the water
Lies in the water
But we drink it

Temporary Delight

I can rest my hands on your chest
Enjoying the melody of your heartbeat
You can make our fingers dance
As we both stare into the distance
Laying there
You play with my hair
As I watch the sun peak through your blinds
You can watch me dress
Begging me to stay
I could kiss you goodbye
Make false promises
If you knew …
Would you stop being there when I needed you ?
When you realize …
How I only invite you over when I want you
How I only let you touch me when I want you to
How I break you and put you back together again when I need you
Would you want me then
Want me around still
If I opened up more
Showed you my flaws
Blisters and all
And still never gave a fuck