Cold Blooded

You slob over brown skin
All covered in oil
But ignore the bodies coverd in blood
You fetishize my curves
Biting lips
But bite your tounge when it matters
Have black kids
And hate them for who they are
You date us
While raping us
Hating us
Use us
Abuse us
While expecting us to stay down

To Self

You can’t define me
Or control me
You can’t abuse me
Or confuse me
Force me into submisson
I won’t let you use me
And that is a promise to myself
Because I love myself
And me and myself
Will be just fine

Are You Inspired?

What are these people telling you!
Not all things will come easy to you
Not all your relationships will last
At times you will have to work twice as hard 
At times you will be unhappy 
At times you will have regrets
And make mistakes 
Your human
It’s part of the process
So get inspired
Take charge
Live your life


I don’t have to smile for you
Or laugh if I don’t think your funny
I don’t owe you a thank you because you complimented me
Give you my number because you asked nicely
I don’t have to sleep with you because we kissed a little bit 
Or back down because you say so
I have an opinion 
The right to share my ideas 
And I can have an attitude 
Or be a little aggressive 
Thank you
But I don’t need to be managed
I’m just fine
And your misogyny isn’t welcomed here

The Tea

I’m sittin here scratchin my naps
Wondering why becky gets praised for wearing braids
When we’ve been rocking such styles
Since before we got our thrones snatched