Love · Poetry


I can’t understand Why I can’t be loved And it’s ugly these thoughts that keep me down Unable to see the good in myself That I can’t hold my self While tears of self loathing fall onto my own palm But I don’t understand why I can’t find love Because she can And he will… Continue reading Loved

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To Self

You can’t define me Or control me You can’t abuse me Or confuse me Force me into submisson I won’t let you use me And that is a promise to myself Because I love myself And me and myself Will be just fine

Love · Poetry


Speak to me in rhymes So soulful and true Move me with music That goes deeper than you Show me truth Not talking about your version I’m saying show me your truth Something virgin I know you got something to say Something you want to show me I don’t want your body I want the… Continue reading Origin

Love · Poetry

Not me

You say your sorry And I know you are I can be so sweet I can be there for you Was always there for you But I guess I wasn’t really there for you But I never lied to you I was real with you I opened up to you And you killed me