Avoid and Accept

jeremy-bishop-120791-unsplashI can run
Avoid people
But they’ll camp outside my door
Anxiety will build
I need to to face my fears
What do they know ?
Speaking isn’t crippling
Interacting isn’t exhausting
It’s all in my head
That’s what they tell me
It’s unfortunate that the fear is very real

Lil Girl


A girl will stay a girl until she learns
She does not know it all
She does not have all the answers
The world is tragic
It will tear you up
From the inside and out
You are but a small and forgotten thought
One person in a stack of million for change
Do grow up little girl
See things for how they are
But don’t worry little girl
There is light
There is happiness
And it’s never what you expect
It doesn’t present it’s self in obvious ways
Take responsibility for your own happiness
All will be fine little girl
Enjoy naiveté
The world can wait

The Fallen

Abuse comes in all shapes and sizes
I no longer want to believe
That only the scars we see are the ones that matter
I no longer what to hear that men can’t be victims
I want to be able to give children a voice
Women a safe place
Help for all
And trust
And no more judgment


Don’t trample dirt into my temple
Stop leaving scars on my soul
When I’m trying to heal
As I’m trying to build
My ‘me’ is important
My self is important
Your energy isn’t wanted

Scars and Bruises 

I can endure the heat on my skin
But not the way you burn
Enjoying the tiny scars
Not the frequent bruises
Rest in cruel words said during passion
After crying from ones said out of anger
I enjoy our moments of bliss
But can’t forget the loud noises and drowning tones that led to this