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Are You Inspired?

What are these people telling you! Not all things will come easy to you Not all your relationships will last At times you will have to work twice as hard  At times you will be unhappy  At times you will have regrets And make mistakes  Your human It’s part of the process So get inspired… Continue reading Are You Inspired?

Life · Poetry · Pride


I don’t have to smile for you Or laugh if I don’t think your funny I don’t owe you a thank you because you complimented me Give you my number because you asked nicely I don’t have to sleep with you because we kissed a little bit  Or back down because you say so I… Continue reading RBF

Life · Poetry

In Times

Time is for addicts Who don’t worry Passions for artist That learn from pain Lust is for lovers That forget about feelings And love is for the gulluble Who see past flaws