Part Time

God I think you broke me
I’ve never seen these tears before
This hurt feels different
It’s Because my love was real
And you were just practicing


I’m In love with someone I’ve never met
I’m amazed by places I’ve never seen
I have gone on grand adventures inside my mind
And wish for a life that will never be

Thank Me

It was all completely selfish
My love for you
So for each smile
Each happy moment
You can thank me
Because whatever you may have with her
Couldn’t possibly compare

In Order to Stay Strong

How I wish
I wasn’t made of glass
Easyly broken
I wanted to believe
I wasn’t a coward
I really thought
I could
I would tell myself
I could
Just one more day
You can do this
Just a few more hours
You can do this
I can be brave
I can be bold
I can be strong
But I cant
Not everyday
And I’m just now learning
That’s ok